Wax whitening


The wax refers to a class of chemical compounds that is supple solid form at ambient temperatures and melts at temperatures above about 41 ° C to give a low viscosity liquid. Waxes are water insoluble but soluble in organic solvents.





The following procedure is voluntary but it creates a very nice traditional material called "Candle of Carthage."


The following procedure is dangerous.

Materials 1st recipe

1. Casserole
2. retsina
3. Plastic container
4. Fabric for filter
5. Rubber
6. Spatula
7. Turpentine
8. Beeswax

2nd recipe

2.1 Candle Carthage

In the next picture contained the materials used to prepare the wax for 2nd syntagi.Afto that will add to the "Recipe 1" is the baking soda and salt water. The whole process is aimed at lightening the candle with the traditional method.

2.2 Heating of sea water and soda

2.5 Cooling the mixture with cold water

2.8 To drained wax

2.11 Repeat the process

2.3 Place the candle in Trim

2.6 Conversion into solid form

2.9 Installing the wax in a pan

2.12 Boiling mixture and cooling

2.4 waiting to melt the wax

2.7 Filter the mixture

2.10 Exposure to the sun for several days

2.13 Draining the mixture

Completion of the process

Clearly whiter and more pliable wax.


The above procedure is dangerous.

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