Surface preperation

Encaustic painting

called "painting with hot wax," is to create paintings using heated wax with added pigment. This material, in liquid or in more concentrated form (paste), lies on the surface, typically wood and on canvas or other material.




Prepare the wooden surface

I will try to create a surface on which to be able to design a theme and then put the material encaustic. Knowing that this text will be read by people who know nothing about the subject I chose to include as many images to make it more understandable. Having to store my stack one by 70x15x2cm dimension timbers decided to create pieces of 30cm length and then to stick to each other to create dimensional surfaces 30x40cm. After I put packages, I put clamps to hold the parts firmly and work cola.

1. The stack of wood

5. Investing fabric

2. Cut the wood

6. Installation gesso

3. Welding parts

7. surface smoothing

4. Placing gauze

8. Rub the wax and dye

Preparation completion

There are various techniques to create your painting surface. Because the bulk of the painting is done with wax-fabricated should the surface that we will use to resist a temperature of 62-67 ° C.


About me

My name is Anastasios Mavroudis (Tasos).I was born on 1968 in Thessaloniki, Greece. I live and work in U.K.

In this site I present part of my art work which is based on my studies of Hagiography in School of Hagiography of Larissa Municipality and in school of Art Kl. Hatzinikou.


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